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What’s involved:

  1. Site Backup:
    If necessary, a backup will be created to protect your site’s data. This isn’t necessary for some platforms such as Wix, these systems automatically create backups and version history. Other platforms such as WordPress need to be backed up regularly.

  2. Security Check:
    Website security is particularly important if you store user information in a database. Content management systems such as WordPress can be vulnerable to hackers if they aren’t properly secured and maintained. Free software can be installed to protect you and your visitors from these harmful attacks.

  3. Structure:
    Is the underlying code of your pages structured correctly? Search engines see pages completely different from what we do, for example they can’t see what’s in an image. The structure of headings and proper description of images in code make a big difference in how our page is interpreted by engines such as Google or Bing.

  4. User Interface:
    • Are your pages clean and readable, is there sufficient colour contrast
    • Is it responsive to all mobile and tablet devices

  5. Performance:
    • What can be done to decrease your pages load times
    • Can images be optimized to load more efficiently
    • Can we reduce the amount of data needed to load your website
    • Do important areas of the webpages remain visible while larger images load
    • Is it possible to reduce large layout shifts that occur as the page loads

After identifying areas that can be improved, changes will be recommended. Changes to your site will only be implemented after you’ve submitted your approval.

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