Golden Triangle Veterinary Academy

Wordpress membership site

Project Details

  • Client : GTVA
  • What We Did : New Website
  • Tools Used : Wordpress, RCP, Stripe
  • Completed on : July 1st 2020
  • Skills : HTML5 / PHP / Javascript

GTVA New Website

Golden Triangle Veterinary Academy is a not for profit organization that offers continuing education to veterinarians and vet professionals through educational lectures.

GTVA was hoping to increase their subscribership, but with covid-19 still fresh in the news this spring, they weren’t sure how they were going to proceed with the upcoming season. After some discussion with the administrators of the organization it was decided that offering their lectures online via Zoom would be the best solution for dealing with social distancing requirments.

Although GTVA already had a Wix website, it was a dated and hadn’t seen any attention in some time. Website builders like Wix certainly have found their place in the website landscape. They can work well for some savvy DIY users who only need limited functionality and basic access to design features. GTVA needed a site that can process credit card transactions to register new members, restrict access to members-only and host content from previous lectures.

We chose the Wordpress as the platform for this site. Out of the box Wordpress manages users, and with the use of premium plugins such as Restrict Content Pro, we can integrate membership management and credit card transactions.

When I sat down to design this website, I wanted to give it an academic feel. I redesigned the logo to look like an old school triangular banner, and I chose the background image to give the feel of sitting in a lecture room. I used a slider mid page so visitors can quickly get an idea of what this organization is offering. The images of the speakers needed to be removed from their backgrounds so that they blended nicely into the background.

The main functionality of this site comes in the members only section. Features include a section for pdf downloads of previous lecture notes and access to previously recorded lecture videos for members to review.

This is another example of custom Wordpress theme development.