East Elgin Sportsmen's Association

Wordpress membership site

Project Details

  • Client : EESA
  • What We Did : Website Redesign
  • Tools Used : WordPress, RCP, Boostrap-4
  • Completed on : July 15, 2020
  • Skills : HTML5 / PHP / Javascript

EESA Website Redesign

As a member of this club, I was immediately excited to work on this project. A friend of mine recently attended orientation where the president of the organization mentioned that they were looking for a member to help out with the current website.

After a meeting with EESA and discussing some of their needs we decided to completely revamp the site.

This is a fairly large site with a complete member’s only section. Starting from scratch, I redesigned and developed a completely new WordPress site, built on the latest frameworks and code base. The site now runs exponentially faster and employs the neccessary internet security features.

I really wanted to add some visuals to this site. I started with the animated bullet shots into the logo on the loading page to simulate shots into a paper target. Then I created the auto play video in the homepage banner with my drone to give visitors a virtual tour of the facilities.