Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.

Last updated: March 23, 2020

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Location: Aylmer, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to Auana Digital!

Being the owner of a small business myself, I fully understand the need for services that are worth every penny of our hard-earned money. We put our heart and souls into our business adventures. When we reach out to another business for help, we want to know we can trust that we are being treated fairly.

1. How long does it take to design and develop a website

Normally we can expect it to take anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months depending on circumstances. Once a design is approved, the actual development time is usually less than a month.

2. Does the price include hosting?

The prices listed on the pricing page are starting prices for design and development. Hosting costs are not included and will vary depending on the type of site and it’s usage.

3. What if I want to take my site to another hosting service

All sites are hosted by Auana Digital and can be moved to any hosting service that supports the site’s platform. None of the sites we build are host specific unless otherwise requested, for example if it’s a custom Shopify theme. In that case you would be bound to hosting with Shopify.

4. How can I pay for my website.

We can accept E-Transfers, cheque, cash and credit card as forms of payment. We require an inital deposit of 50%.